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How to apply


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Prospective applicants must hold a relevant university degree and several years of professional experience. As a matter of principle, admission requires either a Bologna master's degree or an equivalent diploma delivered after four years of university studies (240 ETCS). A bachelor's degree might be accepted, if combined with a relevant professional background. In addition, applicants should demonstrate an excellent command of English.

Given the large number of annual applications, only candidates fulfilling these criteria will be considered. Interested candidates are required to submit the application form, along with copies of their university degrees and detailed curriculum vitae, to the CERIS main office in Brussels. An electronic version may also be sent by e-mail to

There are two intakes a year. October intake : Most participants attend the programme from October to May; closing date for applications is 31 st October. February intake : It is also possible to attend the course from February to January; the closing date for applications is 28/29 February. Prospective candidates are nonetheless encouraged to apply early, as only a limited number are accepted each academic year. The intakes do not apply to online courses. Online participants can start anytime; in practice online participants start the first working day of every month, except in July and in August.

The tuition fees for attending the programme are € 4.500 for the whole course. Fees are payable installmentally. A first instalment of € 2.000, called booking fees, needs to be paid after receipt of the admission letter. Booking fees are part of the tuition fees. Please note that CERIS doesn't offer scholarships. A discount is offered to groups of at least 3 applicants working in the same organization or company. Prospective candidates might also benefit from an "early birds rate", if applications are submitted before August 31st (October intake) or December 31st (February intake). Discounts are not cumulative. Future tuition rate is subject to change and CERIS reserves the right to determine tuition rate differential between EU and Non-EU status.


Cancellation Policy

Once you confirm your registration for the October or February intake, a deposit of 2.000 € is required. The deposit is nonrefundable / nontransferable.

In case of visa refusal, applicant has the possibility to re apply for the following academic term or to shift to the distance learning programme. Payment of fees’ balance will be required prior to activation of e-learning facilities.