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Strategic Negotiation with Guy Olivier Faure : Negotiation is at the heart of human interaction. Whatever forms it takes, verbally or nonverbally, consciously or unconsciously, people negotiate whenever they interact. How can one get an upper hand in negotiations with more subtle techniques which enable to observe keenly the ongoing overall situation? This three-day programme offers a set of negotiation strategies, models and tools, showing how to reach an agreement even in most difficult situations. These together will change the way you view and conduct virtually every negotiation.

Preparing the negotiation: The Global Situation

1. Analysing the context

2. The psychology of the counterpart

3. Strategic thinking and action

4. Basic technical concepts

5. Strategic preparation

The Variables and their management

1. Trust and credibility

2. Dealing with powerful counterparts

3. Exploring options. Creativity

The Process

1. Single Issue bargaining

2. "Chicken" game

3. Multiple issues bargaining

4. Win-win techniques

Strategic and tactical moves

1. Dealing with major obstacles

2. Uncertainty, risk taking

3. Coping with threats

4. Dealing with difficult people

5. Dealing with tricky counterparts

6. Handling deadlocks

Negotiating with foreigners

1. The cultural dimension

2. The negotiation concept

3.  Negotiator's values

4.  Cultural effectiveness

The Agreement

1. Closing the deal

2. Fairness

3. Assessing the quality of the agreement

The effective negotiator

1. Profiling your own negotiation style

2. Key points for personal effectiveness