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Professor Guy Olivier Faure is a world expert in the area of international negotiation with outstanding experience and field practice. He is one of the major contributors, with William Zartman (Johns Hopkins University, Washington), to negotiation's modern theory and the promoter of the latest research in this area. Guy Olivier Faure made important scientific contributions such as on how to handle the cultural issue in negotiating or on how to de-escalate in a highly conflicting situation. He has taught at the Sorbonne, Harvard, Oxford, and a number of other renowned institutions. He also has a considerable corporate and governmental experience that includes most intractable negotiations such as the release of hostages. VIDEO

TEACHING/RESEARCH INTERESTS: Professor Faure has made some innovating breakthrough at the Sorbonne University, Paris, by introducing new topics such as Strategic Thinking and Action, International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Strategic forecast on International Relations. He has done extensive work Terrorist issues and Security. He engages in consulting and training activities with multinational companies, governments and international organizations. Among them: The United Nations, UNESCO, the European Union, and the World Trade Organization. He is referenced in the Diplomat’s Dictionary published by the United States Peace Press, Washington. He is also quoted as one of the “2000 outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century” by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, U.K. He has lectured in a number of renowned universities and institutions such as Harvard Law School, New York University, Johns Hopkins (Washington), Oxford University, etc...

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Professor Faure is a member of the editorial board of the three major international journals dealing with international relations, theory and practice: International Negotiation (Washington), Negotiation Journal (Harvard), and Group Decision and Negotiation (New York). He is a member of the editorial boards of two major scientific book series: International Negotiation (Brill Academic Publishers); Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation (Springer).

CORPORATE EXPERIENCE: Among the major companies and institutions Professor Faure worked with are: L’Oréal, Chanel, Schlumberger, Schneider Electric, Thalès, Air Liquide, Cegelec, Carrefour, Nestlé, ICI, General Electric, Bayer, Philips, AT&T, Siemens, Henkel, General Motors, Auchan, Gillette, Pfizer, Fonterra, Norsk Hydro, Bombardier Transportation, ABB China, TCL, CNOOC-Shell, Framatome, Alcatel, Shennan Circuits, ZKungfu, Shanghai municipality, MOFCOM, Beida, China Development Bank, CITIC, Bank of Communications, China Minsheng Bank, AstraZeneca China, SAF Software Systems Beijing, Sichan Jingguang industrial, ABB Beijing Drive Systems, Ping An International Financial Leasing, Beijing Sunrise Equity Investment Fund Management, Sinopharm, Coca-Cola Beverages, Intercontinental Hotels, Unilever China, Eastman Chemical Shanghai.

GOVERNEMENTAL & INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: Guy Olivier Faure worked for government agencies in the context of crucial international negotiations and crisis situations. He negotiated the release of hostages with terrorists. He is a member of the Steering Committee of PIN/Clingendael - The Hague, a programme on international negotiation processes that links together 5000 people involved in the domain ( He was involved in peace issues, especially in French-German cooperation programs within the framework of the International Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation signed in 1963 between these two countries. He has also contributed to field actions on peace making and reconciliation with NGOs in the Middle East, in Asia-Pacific region, etc.