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08/05 from 2 p.m. Natural Resource governance in the DRC

Professor Theodore Trefon is the Director of the Belgian Reference Centre for Expertise for Central Africa E-CA — CRE-AC and heads the Contemporary History Section of the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium. He teaches at ERAIFT “Ecole Régionale Post-Universitaire d’Aménagement et de Gestion Intégrés des Forêts et Territoires tropicaux” at the University of Kinshasa. His area of expertise covers DR Congo and he focuses on the issues of state-society relations, forest-city links, urban anthropology and environmental governance. He is also a Research Coordinator for the Forest-City Interface dimension of APFT. Among his published books we cite: Parcours administratifs dans un Etat en faillite: Récits de Lubumbashi (RDC), Les Cahiers de l’Institut Africain/L’Harmattan (with B. Ngoy) and Re-inventing Order in the Congo: How people respond to state failure in Kinshasa, (ZED Books, 2004).


6 p.m. 30/04 Three Pillars of Foreign Policy and the South China Sea issue (26/10/20)

H.E Mr. Eduardo José A de Vega, Philippine Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the EU[more]

6 p.m. 07/05 and 9:30 a.m. 08/05 The Political Economy of Brazilian Development (26/10/20)

Alfredo Saad-Filho (King’s College, London) [more]

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