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2 pm 21/10 Bilateral and Multilateral Aid

Professor David Sogge is a specialist in the field of foreign aid, currently working as a Researcher at the Transnational Institute of Amsterdam. His research areas are foreign aid ideologies and impacts, member-based organisations, including movements of urban poor in Africa and trade unions, and policy activism via networks and academic units. He is also a visiting Professor at the Universities of Princeton and Harvard and an independent advisor fro grant-making agencies. M. Sogge is the author of several books and articles on Angola and Mozambique and other African states, among which we cite: Give & Take. What's the Matter with Foreign Aid? (Zed Books, 2002), Compassion and Calculation. The Business of Private Foreign Aid (Pluto Press, 1996 for the Transnational Institute), Selling US Wars (co-author, Achin Vanaik, 2007), Mozambique: Perspectives on Aid and the Civil Sector, (Editor, Gemeenschappelijk Overleg Medefinanciering, 1997). He also wrote many unpublished reports on South Africa.


6 pm 20/10 Introduction to Geopolitics and 9:30 am 21/10 Contemporary Geopolitics (20/10/17)

Tanguy Struye de Swielande (Cathiloc University of Louvain-UCL, Director of CECRI)[more]

CERIS OPEN DAYS from October 13th to November 18th, 2017 (13/10/17)

Executive Master in International Politics and Executive Master in Governance & Development Policy[more]