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Alumni Testimonials

 CERIS offered me an excellent academic and intellectual opportunity to improve myself and also enrich my professional skills. The courses offered me a wide ranging coverage of major international political and economic issues. I believe that diplomats will stand to gain from CERIS executive programs and degrees.

-  Assem Hanafi, Ambassador of Egypt to Nigeria 

 "CERIS provided the ideal environment to inspire a professional. There was a supportive work ethic, a demanding academic programme and interesting extracurricular activities.

I strongly believe it is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to advance their professional or academic career."

- Laurentiu Rebega, Member of the European Parliament

"I find CERIS' teaching methods to be very mature and comprehensive. Teachers always suggest to approach the problem from different angles and invite to draw own conclusions rather than push to accept the mainstream vision. The range of topics in the module "International Politics" touched upon the majority of issues and geographical regions. Overall this was an excellent learning and networking experience."

- Vera Lipkovskaya, Senior Expert, Representative Office of Gazprom in Brussels

‘Veni Vidi Vici’ - ’ I came, I saw ,I conquered’. CERIS-ULB was a unique and unforgettable experience as I got lot of valuable lessons and insights from my studies in Masters in International Politics, Masters in Development Policy as well as a Teaching Assistant in the same institution. I wouldnt have been able to achieve my goals without passing through the school. It offered me a good atmosphere to learn international development politics, where lecturers provide all the support one is looking for. The uniqueness of the school is that it provides opportunity to work with people from different diverse professional, academic and cultural backgrounds.


"The theory and practice mix of the programs offered by CERIS makes it a unique institution of high learning. CERIS offers life long learning skills that makes one versatile and motivated to continue learning by building upon the knowledge acquired while studying at CERIS. I now have enhanced analytical skills that are needed in the multilateral environment where a sound appreciation of the ever changing global political dynamics is a must negotiators courtesy of the CERIS Executive Masters in International Politics."

- Poem Mudyawabikwa, Diplomat with Zimbabwe Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva

"CERIS program attracted me for two reasons: it covered widespan themes such as international security, arms control, global warming or human rights, and it gave an in-depth perspective on every region in the globe, not focusing exclusively on the West or China. During a whole year I had classes on these subjects given by lecturers from some of the best universities in Europe and the US, bringing different schools of thought to an already open and diversified audience. It is indeed a fascinating International Politics degree, perfectly suited in Brussels, the Capital of Europe."

- António Nobre, Eco Management and Audit Scheme - EMAS Coordinator, European Commission

"I followed the lectures on International Politics at the CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School during the academic year 2017-2018. They gave me access to broad information on current political situations worldwide, including their history and their impacts. Sometimes given in a provocative spirit, these lectures were a great opportunity to see different sides and approaches to politics and thus helped me enlarge my horizon. I enjoyed in particular the lectures on Geopolitics and on the Middle East. I would like to thank the Executive Board, who provided a welcome platform for discussions and networking in a friendly atmosphere."

- Sanja Mijic, European Parliament

"I studied at CERIS from October 2016 to October 2017. The Master is organised in 6 topic modules and 6 geographic modules which together provide a full overview of international relations theory but also a helicopter view of current global events. Moreover, the guided research and Thesis writing module allows developing valuable expert knowledge in a chosen area of international relations.

Yet, what really distinguishes CERIS from “traditional” university studies lies in its ability to attract not only academics but also, and mainly, practitioners. We had speakers and teachers from international institutions such as NATO and EC, country ambassadors, experienced field analysts, etc. These practitioners were passionate about sharing their experience from the field, which enabled us to learn not only the theory but also to understand what that theory means “in the real world”. I recommend CERIS to anyone who wishes to enrich his work experience with the theoretical side of things or vice-versa! "

- Georges Ortmann, Investment Officer at Virunga Development, DRC.

"CERIS is a very remarkable Institution and I have particularly enjoyed the quality, the essence of education, the high profile of teachers and the professionalism of the management team. The insight about global economy and politics to forge knowledge and understanding the 21st century made a big impression to me. I take the opportunity to thank the management team for their impressive and hard work they had accomplished to make CERIS what it is today. I will always recommend CERIS to family, friends and colleagues."

- Tharcisse Gatarama, Legal and Strategic Advisor to the Ministry of Justice- EUCAP Sahel Niger 




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