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A city of more than one million people caught between volcanic eruptions and armed conflict, Goma has come to embody the tragedy that is the Democratic Republic of Congo. Often portrayed by outsiders as a living hell, Goma is seen as a city of promise for many inside the country. Drawing on a rich tapestry of personal narratives, from taxi drivers to market traders, doctors to local humanitarian workers, Goma provides an engaging and unconventional portrait of an African city.

In contrast to the bleak pessimism that dominates much of the writing on Congo, Theodore Trefon and Noël Kabuyaya instead emphasize the resilience, pragmatism, and ingenuity that characterizes so much of daily life in Goma. Resigned and hardened by struggle, the protagonists of the book give the impression that life is neither beautiful nor ugly, but an unending skirmish with destiny. In doing so, they offer startling insights into the social, cultural, and political landscape of this unique African city.

Theodore Trefon is Strategy and Policy Lead for the Central Africa Forests Program tasked to assist in implementing national forest activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo; harmonizing forest policies throughout the Central Africa region; and participating in fund-raising initiatives. Theodore’s ambition at WRI is to put his extensive DRC field experience to use in narrowing the gap between abstract policy theory and pragmatic concrete actions. On extended leave from the Belgian Royal Museum for Central Africa where he is senior researcher in the Earth Sciences Department, Theodore teaches environmental governance at ERAIFT/Kinshasa and has lectured on social science approaches to sustainable development at Boston University Brussels and the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL). Self-taught in matters of natural resource governance, Theodore studied at NYU (BA in Philosophy), Sciences Po, Paris (Certificate) and Boston University (PhD in Politics and African Studies). His books include Congo’s Environmental Paradox: Potential and predation in a land of plenty (2016), Précarité et Bien Etre à Goma (RDC): Récits de vie dans une ville de tous les dangers (with N. Kabuyaya 2016), Congo Masquerade: The political culture of aid inefficiency and reform failure (2011), Parcours administratifs dans un État en faillite: Récits de Lubumbashi (RDC). (with B. Ngoy 2007) and Re-inventing Order in the Congo: How people respond to state failure in Kinshasa (ed. 2004).


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Guy Olivier Faure (Paris V- Sorbonne, Harvard University) [more]