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Geopolitics of Water, Development Challenges and New technologies:

Towards a New Geopolitical Paradigm?

Water is a vital element of a States security equation. Recent examples in South Africa & Bolivia have clearly demonstrated that water scarcity is not only a theoretical possibility but has a direct impact on the lives of people and States. Certain regions, like the Middle-East, are particularly vulnerable and acute water shortages would only add to the explosive character of that region.A States security equation has to adapt when its water resources are shared with neighboring national entities. In regions where water scarcity is already present, climate change is predicted to have a strong impact, exacerbating the pressure existing on hydraulic resources. With population increasing, demand for water supply is rising. A constant growing population implies more food to produce, with higher pressure on agriculture and water irrigation. Nowadays, the issue of water has economical, environmental, political and security implications that are still not enough studied. The conference will present the current and future challenges linked to water in the different regions of the world. It will focus on policy alternatives to take up these challenges. These alternatives often require new technologies in water resource management. 

Our special guest speaker, Dr. Alain Gachet, will brief us on the revolutionary new technique call Watex the underground Hubble- that enables him to detect vast water reserves in the most arid regions on Earth: Turkana, Kenya, the Darfur in Soudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Syria, Irak, Togo The underground clean water reserves are 100 times larger than those found on the surface of our planet. An absolutely revolutionary discovery of colossal potential and, of course, obstacles, that are political, economical and military...



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