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June 21st to 22nd 2018, Negotiating with Chinese

Professor Guy Olivier Faure is a world expert in the area of international negotiation with outstanding experience and field practice. He is one of the major contributors, with William Zartman (Johns Hopkins University, Washington), to negotiation's modern theory and the promoter of the latest research in this area. Guy Olivier Faure made important scientific contributions such as on how to handle the cultural issue in negotiating or on how to deescalate in a highly conflicting situation. He has taught at the Sorbonne, Harvard, Oxford University, China Europe International Business School in Shanghai and a number of other renowned institutions. He has an exhaustive corporate and governmental experience including most intractable negotiations such as the release of hostages. He also has a considrable experience in China that includes negotiations for or with Chinese and foreign companies. VIDEO    Link Pictures

Negotiating with Chinese : Two Days Intensive Training with Guy Olivier Faure

Working in China offers both opportunities and challenges for companies and also for executives. In the booming activity China faces, one of the most difficult challenges is to interact effectively and develop a productive synergy between foreign executives and Chinese counterparts. It is a key issue for foreign companies who want to establish themselves in China or are already operating in China. To address those needs a 2-day intensive program is offered to participants in order to enhance their ability to negotiate effectively with their Chinese counterparts.

Objective : This program aims to provide specific knowledge about how to be effective with Chinese when negotiating. It provides insights about the changing values of Chinese business people who are caught within a complex web of traditional and modern approaches to problems and tasks.


October 2018 intake : Registrations are open (09/03/18)

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