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Ceris library introduction

The CERIS Library offers a wide range of documentation covering mainly the fields of International Relations and Development. Addresses of major Belgian and international libraries and research centers where our participants can access interesting documentation are listed below. The web portals of these institutions as well as their advanced search engines are accessible by a simple click. The “Ceris e-Library” in the e-Learning Platfom is a database of e-Documents selected by the CERIS. All of these electronic documents are directly downloadable. The “e-Resourses" open on an interesting field of investigation, linking concepts relating to international relations and development to a large number of Web sites where you can download electronic documents. The “Publications” section includes the CERIS publications such as “Journal of International & Strategic Studies" and teachers publications. The "Research Papers" section includes the most interesting research papers and the best thesis published by CERIS. The section captioned "e-Books" or "Recommended Books" gives an overview of the books recommended by our teachers.


The Ceris Library

Ceris library

The CERIS Library is open from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. In addition to Research Papers, CERIS Publications and CERIS Archives, the Library gives you access to periodicals related to International Relations & Development as wel as the recent publications of professors and researchers.

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