In a constantly changing world, development has become one of the major issues of the 21st century. This is why we believe that a specialised course must be devoted to it. The programme’s overall aim is to study development issues from the points of view of both the emerging countries and industrialised societies. The Executive Master in Governance & Development Policy is also designed to complement the Executive Master in International Politics, insofar as it tackles topics of growing importance in the field of international relations, such as the impact of climate change or energy problems on development. Climate change summits are introducing new global development issues. The economic development of emerging countries and the growing shortage of traditional energy resources call for a reappraisal of the development models of industrialised countries. So economic “globalisation” is followed by increased awareness of the globalisation of environmental issues and sustainable development. In addition to this, the failure of the development models applied to sub-Saharan Africa and the challenging of IMF policies casts doubt on the western vision of development imposed on these regions. Therefore a study of various development models and according to geographical criteria is a crucial key to understanding these issues in the field of knowledge applied to international relations.

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∕             Seminar 8: Economic Cooperation & Development in AsiaThis course requires an enrolment key
Module 9: Latin America : making up for lost timeThis course requires an enrolment key
∕             Seminar 9: Latin America & Caribbean Environment & DevelopmentThis course requires an enrolment key
Module 10: Sub-Saharan Africa : from basket case to Development ?This course requires an enrolment key
∕             Seminar 10: African Development Challenges & Growth OpportunitiesThis course requires an enrolment key
∕             Seminar 22: International NegotiationThis course requires an enrolment key
Module 11: Current Status of International Penal LawThis course requires an enrolment key
∕             Seminar 11: Culture, Identity, Ideology & NationalismThis course requires an enrolment key