CERIS Open Days from Oct 29th to Nov 27th, 2021

CERIS Open Days from October 29th to November 27th, 2021 :  <<Open Days Programme>>
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As every year, we have chosen conferences and courses on current affairs and the important events that will determine our future. To understand the new challenges of globalization, the role of new technologies in international relations and economic development, BREXIT, The Future of European Union, US Foreign Policy after Biden victory, the new paradigms of sustainable development, green deal, new modes of energy production, transport and to comprehend the fundamental role that artificial intelligence or cyberspace will play in the future development of our societies are the goals we set ourselves.

CERIS opens your mind to a global and holistic understanding of these major issues of the 21st Century thanks to interactive courses and conferences with the greatest international experts and professors from the most renowned institutes. CERIS training is based on a theoretical teaching of the subjects of international relations, geopolitics, geoeconomics, international economics, but also on practice and case studies based on current events. This thematic approach is supplemented by a study by geographical area of international relations, foreign and diplomatic affairs. CERIS training courses are essential tools for tomorrow’s decision-makers, diplomats, executives of private companies and senior officials in international affairs. Understanding future trends in order to be able to anticipate is an essential condition for carrying out the right analyzes and taking decisions accordingly; this is the motto of CERIS: “Mundum intelligere – Futuram aedificare

This event takes place from October 29th to November 27th, 2021 by Zoom Videoconference