Alfred Cahen Tribute

H.E. Alfred Cahen (Ixelles, 28 September 1929 - Brussels, 19 April 2000) was a belgian diplomat and the first president of CERIS. He graduated from the faculty of Law of the ULB “Université Libre de Bruxelles” in 1953. H.E Alfred Cahen entered the ministry of Foreign affairs in 1956 and was assigned at the Belgian delegation to the OECD (1959-62), at Belgian embassy in Kinshasa (1962-64 & 1970-74), Washington (1974-77) and in between at the Belgian delegation to the UN (1966-68). In 1977 he served as Head of the private office of Minister of Foreign affairs and was appointed from 1979 to 1985 as Political Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He became the Secretary general of the WEU "Western European Union" (1985-89) and served as Ambassador of Belgium in France from 1989 to 1997. When he was at WEU he formulated the so-called “Cahen doctrine”, stating that only member states of both the European Community and NATO could apply for membership at the WEU. The “Cahen doctrine” formulated at end of the cold war, was made more flexible after the Maastricht (1991) and Kirchberg (1994) declarations of the Council of Ministers of the WEU. After is retirement in 1997 H.E. Alfred Cahen was Secretay General of the Atlantic Traety Association. H.E. Alfred Cahen has been professor of International politics at (ULB) Free University of Brussels from 1979 to 1994. In 1985 he co-founded, together with Robert Anciaux and Georges Delcoigne, the CERIS. He served as president of CERIS from 1985 to 2000. In honnor to his memory, the Academic Board of CERIS will inaugurate the “Alfred Cahen Lecture Hall” in October 2011 and the "Alfred Cahen Prize" dedicated to the best CERIS academic year research paper or thesis.


Alfred Cahen Prize

2010-2011 : Iancu Lidia Codruta pour son article consacré à l'économie verte en Corée du Sud : "Jumping on the green trampoline : Korea's struggle to become a regional leader" et sa contribution au 5ème numéro de la revue du CERIS Journal of International & Strategic Studies: "North South Korean relations and the environment"

2011-2012 : Dr. Anne-Françoise Morel pour son mémoire consacré à la problématique identitaire dans les Balkans : « Identity and Conflict: Cultural Heritage and the re-construction of Identities after conflict»

2016-2017 : Bram Rijgersberg pour son mémoire consacré à la problématique du développement durable : «Why we should eat insects again: How bugs can help sustainable development and meet rising food needs in Nigeria»

2017-2018 : Joel Hirv pour son mémoire consacré à l'évolution des valeurs dans les traités de l'Union Européenne : "Evolution of Values of the European Union in the Treaties: A Comparative Analysis"

2018-2019 : Krisztián Manzinger pour son Mémoire de fin d'année consacré à la problématique du processus de paix en Colombie: "The Current Peace Process in Colombia As Nation Building – Todos Por Un Nuevo País?"