Strategic negotiating with Chinese


One of the most difficult challenges is to interact effectively…

“Working in China offers both opportunities and challenges for companies and also for executives. In the booming activity China faces, one of the most difficult challenges is to interact effectively and develop a productive synergy between foreigners and Chinese counterparts. It is a key issue for foreign companies who want to establish themselves in China or are already operating over there. To address those needs a 2-day intensive program is offered to participants in order to enhance their ability to negotiate effectively with their Chinese counterparts.”

Professor Guy Olivier Faure (Paris V Decartes, Sorbonne University)


Introducing Chinese Culture, society, and market

Basic traditional values

Current changing values

The Chinese mindset

Chinese thinking


Balance concept

Chinese profiles of negotiators



Age group

Chinese perceptions of foreign negotiators

Chinese negotiating Strategies

Unethical practices

The mobile warfare

The joint project

Tactics and tricks

The negotiating concept

The role of interpreter

Communicating effectively

Effective Strategies in various types of negotiations



Setting up a joint venture

Transferring technology

Operating a joint venture Cooperative/Competitive/Conflicting situations

The characteristics of a good agreement

The effective negotiator in China

“CERIS offers teachings of exceptional quality in two ways, the themes taught and the quality of the lecturers. The themes are linked to prevailing international concerns, the most important and those which will have the most impact on the future of nations and peoples. The lecturers represent a panel of renowned and particularly well informed experts. The outcome not only contributes to enriching everyone’s knowledge but also to offering a real intellectual construction so as to enable everyone to move forward effectively.”


Professor Guy Olivier Faure

Emeritus Professor at Sorbonne University Paris, Visiting Professor at Harvard & Oxford Universities, Professor of International Negotiation at the CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels and a number of other renowned institutions.

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