Executive Master in International Politics

Teaching System

The programme, based on empirical methods, aims to relate conceptual frameworks and contemporary realities of today’s international politics. This objective is pursued through lectures, discussions, seminars in small groups, presentations by participants and self-study from the reading materials available. Every year, we choose conferences and courses on current affairs and the important events that will determine our future. CERIS opens your mind to a global and holistic understanding of these major issues of the 21st Century thanks to interactive courses and conferences with the greatest international experts and professors from the most renowned institutes. CERIS training is based on a theoretical teaching, but also on practice and case studies based on current events.

Lectures are delivered in English and French (the former accounting for roughly 90 % of the lectures). The choice of the language depends on the lecturer invited, and participants are required to have at least a passive knowledge of French. Lectures are always followed by a discussion with the guest speaker.

Seminars complement the lectures, providing course participants with an opportunity to discuss the critical issues presented in the lectures with the guest expert. In addition, an optional residential seminar is organised every year.

Self study is vital to this course. The modules are supported by two volumes of Background Readings. It consists of a selection of recent and authoritative academic publications on the topic, and a bibliography updated every year. Participants are provided with the textbooks in advance of each module, both to prepare themselves for the lecture, and to pursue a more in depth study in preparation for the end of course oral exam. In addition participants are also provided with Outlines and Proceedings of the lectures.