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Partnership with ULB

CERIS & ULB “Université Libre de Bruxelles” have concluded a privileged partnership and transformed CERIS into an International Centre called “CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels” dedicated to postgraduate training in the fields of International Relations, Development Policy and Diplomacy. The agreement provides for the common issuance of recognized CERIS-ULB certificate. This international center of learning in the capital of Europe, became the Diplomatic School of Brussels. Among its many partners, ULB maintains privileged relationships with 10 universities around the world: ULB’s Privileged Partners.

Partnership with CECRI

The Partnership between CERIS and the “Center d’Etude des Crises et Conflits Internationaux” – CECRI is a cooperation related to the training and research activities achieved through the participation of Professors and Researchers of “CECRI” in the CERIS training courses and in addition by the joint organization of conferences and seminars and the exchange of databases. The Director of CECRI is currently Professor Tanguy Struye de Swielande who is also a member of the Academic & Scientific Board of CERIS.

The “Centre d’Etude des Crises et Conflits Internationaux” – CECRI is a research centre belonging to the Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Its central aim is to provide analyses and to conduct academic research on contemporary international crises and conflicts. Research at CECRI is organized around three topics: Memory and conflict resolution, International management of the conflicts in the 21st century, Powers on the international scene: geopolitics and foreign policy. These research programmes are launched for a renewable period of five years. They guide the priorities of the CECRI’s activity at every level (publication, networks, teaching…). As a part of the School of political and social sciences of the “faculté des Sciences Politiques, Economiques, Sociales et de Communication” of the Université Catholique de Louvain, CECRI plays a role in the training of students in international relations.

Partnership with IHEID

The partnership between the “CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels” – CERIS and the “Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies” – IHEID allows the emergence of a Brussels-Geneva axis in the teaching International Relations. Indeed, these two cities are important centers of world diplomacy and creates an interesting synergy between the two institutes. The partnership between the two institutes is essentially organized with the “Executive Master” from IHEID in the areas of education and research. The “Villa Barton” is the training center of the “Executive Education” in Geneva whose Cédric Dupont is the president.

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is an acclaimed institution of research and postgraduate education dedicated to the study of world affairs, with a particular emphasis on the cross-cutting fields of international relations and development issues. The Graduate Institute’s research Centres and Programmes contribute to the analysis of current global issues drawing on the intellectual resources in Geneva, a major hub of global governance. The Graduate Institute’s Executive Education programmes transfer the research expertise of the Institute into applied, practical and relevant knowledge and tools for working professionals for both the public and private sectors. The Institute is also longstanding member of the prestigious Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA). Through its core activities, it aims to promote international cooperation and make a contribution to the progress of developing societies.

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID), located in Geneva, Switzerland, is a new Institute generated by the merger of the Graduate Institute of International Studies (HEI) with the Graduate Institute of Development Studies (IUED), established respectively in 1927 and 1961. The Graduate Institute, an institution of higher education and research, provides independent and rigorous analyses of current and emerging world issues with a double emphasis on international relations and development studies. Prominent students from all over the world access postgraduate studies in Development Studies, International Affairs and International Studies. The Institute also offers a range of fundamental and applied research, particularly on five themes which are important to international affairs: Trade and Integration, Conflict and Peace-Building, Migration and Refugees, Environment and Health Policy. The Institute also offers a wide range of Executive Education degrees and open-enrolment courses on these themes. The Graduate Institute alumni community regroups more than 10’000 – Amongst these, some have become well-recognized specialists in their domain, like Leonid Hurwicz, the 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics, Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary General, Brad Smith, Microsoft Vice President and Nobuyuki Idei, former Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of Sony Corporation.