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The "European Post Graduate School of International & Development Studies" or "Centre Européen de Recherches Internationales et Stratégiques" - CERIS   was established in 1985 upon the initiative of a group of university professors, diplomats and senior civil servants. Its objective is to promote research and post graduate executive education in the field of Politics, International Relations and development policy. Grasp a unique opportunity to study with renowned scholars and key experts; extend your professional network by taking part in multinational courses attended by top officials and executives; access all courses materials, including audio/video recordings of the lectures through our Moodle e-learning platform and benefit from an ideal setting in the "capital of Europe" and the seat of NATO.


Advanced in Service Education for Professionals

Ceris education professionals

CERIS is a postgraduate school that provides Executive masters, designed for professionals. In 1988, CERIS launched its Executive Master in International Politics (MAIP), designed specifically for diplomats, international civil servants, corporate executives and journalists. Twenty years later, in 2008, CERIS introduced its Executive Master in Governance and Development Policy (MADEV); Over the years, the programs have been completed by tailor-made intensive courses entitled Post Graduate Certificates devoted to issues such as the external action of the EU, public diplomacy, conflict management, peacekeeping & security studies, Strategic Negotiation, Strategic Negotiating with Chinese, Strategic Crisis Management, Strategic Communication.

Diplomas & International Audience

The "European Post Graduate School of International & Development Studies" " or "Centre Européen de Recherches Internationales et Stratégiques" - CERIS is an English-language international school based in the Brussels-Capital Region. This specificity means that our school is not dependent on matters specifically tied to education, either of the Flemish community of Belgium or of the French community (the Walloon-Brussels Federation) of Belgium. Our education is a non-subsidized private education, which gives it a great independence and autonomy. By virtue of the freedom of education in Belgium, our education has the same rights as the subsidized education and can not therefore be discriminated (for example to obtain VISA for our participants). Our teaching is geared towards globalization. Indeed, it is dispensed on 5 continents in more than 30 countries around the world. Moreover, the rate of integration in the fields of international relations conferred by our diploma is very high. Our school and our diplomas enjoy a high reputation. Most of our teachers come from the top 10 of the best universities in the world. Major international institutions finance the training of their staff in our institution and promotions within some of them are obtained on the basis of our diplomas. CERIS has developed partnerships with universities such as the "Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies" of Geneva, International Institutions such as the "Inter-University Council for East Africa" and research centers such as the "Center d'Etudes des Crises et des Conflits Internationaux - CECRI". Our teaching is largely focused on the Anglo-Saxon, Commonwealth, Asia-Pacific countries as well as on the Americas or Africa, and is aimed mostly at English-speaking participants. Our "Executive Master" is therefore not a Bologna-type Master but is an Anglo-Saxon-style Post University Executive Master.