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Executive Board

His Excellency Ambassador Jan De Bock is the President of the Executive Board of Ceris (since 2016). H.E. Ambassador Jan De Bock entered the Belgian diplomatic service in 1975 and served as a high-ranking official in Vienna, Geneva (UN Specialized Agencies, including ILO & WHO), Moscow, New York and Bonn until 1992. He was also Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU between 1992 and 1994 and later served as Chief of Cabinet to the Belgian Foreign Minister (1994-1997), Secretary General of the Belgian Foreign Ministry (1997-2002) and Permanent Representative to the EU (2002-2007). He subsequently served in Rome as Belgian Ambassador to Italy, Albania, San Marino and Permanent Representative to FAO (2007-2011) and in Madrid as Belgian Ambassador to Spain and Andorra (2011-2014). H.E. Ambassador Jan De Bock constantly contributes to the debate on European themes through articles and speeches. In June 2015 he was appointed International Secretary of the Flemish Socialist Party with the role of advisor for European and international affairs.

Professor Theodore Trefon is the Vice President of the Academic & Scientific Board of CERIS (since 2016). He is the Director of the Belgian Reference Centre for Expertise for Central Africa E-CA — CRE-AC) and heads the Contemporary History Section of the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium. He teaches at ERAIFT “Ecole Régionale Post-Universitaire d’Aménagement et de Gestion Intégrés des Forêts et Territoires tropicaux” at the University of Kinshasa. His area of expertise coves DR Congo and he focuses on the issues of state-society relations, forest-city links, urban anthropology and environmental governance. He is also a Research Coordinator for the Forest-City Interface dimension of APFT. Among his published books we cite: Parcours administratifs dans un Etat en faillite: Récits de Lubumbashi (RDC), Les Cahiers de l’Institut Africain/L’Harmattan (with B. Ngoy) and Re-inventing Order in the Congo: How people respond to state failure in Kinshasa, (ZED Books, 2004).

Ceris the staff Karorero Nadia

Mrs Nadia Karorero is the General Secretary of CERIS. She is responsible for the daily management of the institute. She is a graduate of Political Science & international relations from the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve. Sub-Saharan Africa is her favorite subject. She is the author of a brilliant thesis on the Great Lakes Region of Africa captioned: " The Forming Process of the Ethnic Split in Burundi ". She is responsable for the daily organisation of the courses and coordinates the tasks of the research and teaching assistants. Mrs. Karorero equally organizes the new Ceris training : " Executive Master in Governance & Development Policy " that she has initiated. She is also in charge of the management of marketing campaigns and the international recruitment strategies. Together with Mr. Cornil, she has made an outstanding contribution to the achievement of a socio-economic development program in Burundi

Mr Nicolas Cornil is the CERIS Project Manager. He is responsible for various internal development projects. He was responsible for organizing a number of educational programs in cooperation with the EU. Mr. Cornil is responsible for communications and Web development strategy of the Research Center. He is equally the initiator of the partnership between CERIS and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva-Switzerland. Together with Prof. Mohammad-Reza Djalili, he is the spirit of the review “Journal of International & Strategic Studies” published by Ceris. This journal is an innovative tool dedicated to the latest research in the field of international relations and development. Mr. Cornil has also developed a socio-economic development program in Burundi supported by CERIS