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About Ceris Fund

Make a donation to the CERIS bank account: BE74 0689 0596 8307. Do not forget to mention the term “DONATION” in your banking communication.

Why give to Ceris ?

Fundraising at CERIS

CERIS-ULB diplomatic school of Brussels seeks to raise funds to support the academic priorities of the Institute and to use these donations in all aspects of academic activity.

CERIS Alumni Fund 

Alumni Fund gifts of any size support CERIS core needs, your generosity touches every aspect of CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels. As an alum, you show your support for CERIS uncompromising standards when you participate in this tradition of giving. Our education is a non-subsidized private education and our center guarantees freedom of education and opinion to all its members and lecturers. Thanks to our financial independence, CERIS-ULB Diplomatic School of Brussels is a place of freedom of thought, analysis and study.


Unrestricted gifts provide immediate support for the center’s needs. Each euro of unrestricted, current use funding has the immediate effect.

Academic Excellence Support

Alumni Fund gifts in support our center help advance the boundaries of human knowledge and sustain CERIS academic excellence. You can give without restriction to support the center’s needs. Make your gift BE74 0689 0596 8307 now.