Paul Smith

Expert adviser in Strategic Planning and Capacity Building for reform

Thesis : How has economic inequality between Israel and Palestine impacted the creation of a Two-State solution?


Mr. Paul A. Smith is an expert adviser in Strategic Planning and Capacity Building for reform. Paul is currently supporting UK FCO develop a HRM Strategy to assist a government in the Middle East. Before he worked in Iraq as NATO’s Senior Civilian (effectively its Ambassador in Baghdad) reporting directly to the UN Assistant Secretary General (Operations). This mission included the review and rebuild of a failing 26 nation led international programme of reform, that required a complete overhaul to ensure it delivered the agreed objectives and gap analysis to identify required additional support. Paul has acted in a number of strategic planning and senior management roles for NATO and other international bodies since 2000.

Prior to this was a UK Army Officer serving in a variety of roles. Paul has a BSc in ‘Information Management Systems’ an MSc in ‘Designing Information Systems’, is a Graduate (and returned as an instructor) of the UK’s prestigious Joint Services Command & Staff College and a Senior Executive Coach (Level 7). After receiving his Executive Master’s in ‘Governance and International Development’ from CERIS-ULB, Belgium, he will apply his learning in a joint UNDP/UK FDCO project in Africa and then hopes to return in the autumn to study another Executive Master’s course at CERIS-ULB.