Daniel Large

Daniel Large

Central European University - CEU

Politics of Development, Security and Intervention, Africa’s relations with China and India, African politics and international politics, Politics of the global South


Daniel Large is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Policy, and the Public Policy Track Representative in CEU’s Doctoral School. His research interests include the politics of development, security and intervention; Africa’s relations with China and India; African politics and international politics (particularly east and north Africa); and the politics of the global South. His publications include China and Africa: The New Era (Polity, forthcoming 2021) and New Directions in the Study of Africa and China, co-edited with Chris Alden (Routledge, 2018). At SPP, Dr. Large teaches the core course Introduction to Global Governance and Public Policy, and elective courses covering the politics of the global South, including The Global Politics of China, The Politics of South-South Development in Africa, Intervention in Action: South Sudan, and the Global Politics of Africa. Dr Large served as founding director of the digital Sudan Open Archive from 2005, research director of the Africa-Asia Centre, Royal African Society at SOAS (2008-2012), and as an executive committee member of the Society for the Study of the Sudans in the UK (2008-2019). Other positions include being a Non-Resident Senior Fellow of the China Policy Institute, University of Nottingham (2016-2019),  and a Research Fellow with the China-Africa Research Initiative, Johns Hopkins University (2019). He is an elected Fellow of the Rift Valley Institute (2009-) and has also worked for or consulted with a variety of international organizations.


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