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guy faure

Professor Guy Olivier Faure has authored, co-authored and edited 23 books and over 140 articles. His works have been published in twelve different languages. He is referenced in the Diplomat’s Dictionary published by the National Defence University Press, Washington, 1997. He is a member of the editorial boards of two major scientific book series: International Negotiation (Brill Academic Publishers); Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation (Springer). Professor Faure is a member of the editorial board of the three major international journals dealing with international relations, theory and paractice: International Negotiation (Washington), Negotiation Journal (Harvard), and Group Decision and Negotiation (New York).

Publication on negotiation issues (non exhaustive list)

• Negotiating Hostages with Terrorists: Paradoxes and Dilemmas. International Negotiation. Vol. 20, N°. 1, 2015, 129- 145.

• La meilleure façon d’ordonner ce monde chaotique, de reconstruire un équilibre, de produire du sens, de lui donner une direction, réside dans la négociation. Revue Négociations, De Boeck, n°23, 2015/1.

• La négociation asymétrique : traiter avec des terroristes. In P. Cecchi Dimeglio and B. Brenneur : Manuel interdisciplinaire des modes amiables de résolution des conflits. Bruxelles, Larcier, 2015, 559- 586.

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• Talking to terrorists. Washington, United States Institute of Peace, 2011. (with Byman, Perry, Zartman).

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• La négociation: situations et problématiques (with Mermet L., Touzard H., Dupont C.). Paris, Editions Dunod, 2000.

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