Professor Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, candidate for IPCC chair

Link : Professor Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, candidate for IPCC chair

I’ve dedicated much of my working life to the science of climate change, sustainable development, adaptation to climate change, mitigation of climate change, and clean energy provision. With this experience I believe I can help the IPCC focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Justice, and a fair transition. Watch now my campaign’s official video subtitled in the 6 UN languages.


  • IPCC as the global VOICE of climate

  • Connecting solid science and the world’s policy makers

  • Delivering a more inclusive, dynamic, and relevant IPCC

An award-winning science communicator


  • IPCC Vice-Chair (2008 — 2015) and active in IPCC since 1995

  • 40 years experience in climate science and diplomacy

  • Full professor of climate and sustainable development (UCLouvain)

  • Global Sustainable Development Report 2019 co-author

  • Lead Author for the Third Assessment Report

  • High profile media commentator and spokesperson

  • Strong track record of advocacy, chairing, and partnerships

Highly experienced global player from the first Rio Summit in ’92 through to the latest COP
via a wide range of working groups, task forces, and scientific conferences.


  • Global North AND South

  • Interdisciplinary science AND policy making

  • People, science AND decisive action

Vision for IPCC

“I want the IPCC to be the dynamic and inclusive “Voice of Climate”, providing all policymakers with the most solid and useful scientific information. I aspire to lead the IPCC in a collaborative and efficient way, serving its members full-time and contributing to the capacity development of the next generation of IPCC authors.” Jean-Pascal van Ypersele

Quote :

“The climate does not participate in the international climate negotiations. The IPCC needs to be the global voice of climate and climate sciences, and work in the most inclusive way ever to help improve the wellbeing of all inhabitants of our common home: the only liveable planet in the solar system.” Jean-Pascal van Ypersele


Quote 2015 :

“The debate has shifted from a scientific one 40 years ago to a very political one today, involving economic interests, geopolitics, different priorities given to environment or development, and a clash between short-term and long-term visions.” Jean-Pascal van-Ypersele (2015).

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About the author

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele de Strihou(born 1957) is a Belgian academic climatologist. He is a professor of Environmental Sciences at the UCLouvain (Belgium) where he teaches climatology and environmental sciences and directs the Master programme in Science and Management of the Environment. As a previous vice-chair of the IPCC, Van Yp (as he is called by his peers) is one of the forerunners of climate change mitigation through strong decrease of fossil fuel consumption. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele is a Scientific adviser to the United Nations conferences on climate issues,  he is a Belgian scientist specializing in modeling climate and the climate effects of human activities. He is a member of the Belgian Federal Council for Sustainable Development. He received several prizes: “Energy and environment award” by the International Polar Foundation, the “Francqui Chair” from the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles).